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Governors Mugie House Overview & Where Is It Located?

The private conservancies of Laikipia are an exemplary paradigm of how humans can work to conserve wildlife and benefit from the community development programs funded by the earnings from tourism. The 50,000-acre Mugie Conservancy is only one of the many expanses of land that the tribal communities have allocated for animals to thrive safely.

Amidst this natural wonderland is the Governors Mugie Camp, a mid-range safari holiday accommodation sitting atop a low hill. Part of the Governors portfolio of accommodations, the camp has a large central lounge where a roaring log fire is lit in the evenings to create a warm, pleasing ambiance. Plush country house sofas grace the interiors adorned in muted tones while wooden rafters and hardwood floors lend an elegant touch.

The infinity swimming pool outside is just right for cooling off between thrilling safari excursions in Laikipia. When you are ready for some care and pampering, head for the spa where you can get expert massages and beauty treatments with Terre D'Afrique products. Or, indulge in a spot of retail therapy at the gift shop to support local artisans. Solar panels supply power.

When you game drive within this stunning landscape, you will be treated to views of a gorgeous wilderness highlighting savannah plains with scattered acacia trees, lush forests of olive trees, and dense bushlands that support a rich diversity of fauna.

The mugie dam and surrounding waterholes attract thirsty herbivores that sip warily while keeping a close lookout for lurking predators. A herd of pachyderms may stop by for a mud bath secure in the knowledge that their massive sizes are enough to deter even the kings of the jungle. Watch them from the hide at close quarters as they travel through the access corridor between Laikipia (best time to travel), the Matthews Range - Northern Frontier, and Samburu lands.

Key Takeaways

  • Belongs to the Governors Kenya portfolio providing excellent services and facilities
  • Accessible by flying in from Nairobi and landing at Mugie Airstrip which is just 20 minutes' drive away
  • Plush central cottage with a sumptuous lounge warmed by a log fire, hardwood floors, and rafters
  • Infinity swimming pool for taking relaxing dips in between naps in loungers
  • Spa for getting expert massages and beauty treatments using Terre D'Afrique products
Governors Mugie House Mugie - Laikipia Park View

What To Expect At Governors Mugie House Accommodation?

Key Takeaways

  • Premier Safari Tier 1 Experience. Total of 8 stone cottages encircling the hill
  • Choice of rooms with a double or twin beds each offering views of the verdant wilderness
  • 2 Honeymoon Suites overlooking the Laikipia plains with a verandah plunge pool
  • Family Cottage with a private plunge pool are interlinked with two rooms
  • Spacious ensuite bathroom featuring baths and handmade Cinnabar Green toiletries
Yesteryear elegance - that's the thought that comes to mind when you step into the 8 stoney cottages offered to safari vacationers at Governors Mugie Camp. The conical thatched roof supported by a framework of hardwood poles, white walls, fireplace, and area rugs provides a homely ambiance. The four-poster bed graces the center of the room while a small seating area on one side is a lovely spot for quiet relaxation.

Little touches like a wicker chest that doubles as a center table, and a wooden armoire add to the hint of rusticity. The front curving wall is built of glass panels ensuring that every moment is immersed in the natural beauty of Laikipia (where else to stay). Prepare to be entranced with views of the sprawling plains gleaming a vibrant green and gold in the sunshine or the beautifully landscaped gardens with their riots of colorful flowers. The ensuite bathroom, with its off-white color scheme, is pleasing to the senses.

A bathtub stands on one side next to broad glass windows-door letting in the views. Twin vanities and a see-through shower area along with Cinnabar Green toiletries are added for your comfort. If AfricanMecca guests prefer larger living spaces or celebrating a romantic safari holiday for your stay in Mugie Conservancy, book one of the 2 Honeymoon Suites, that each includes a private plunge for relaxing.

You might just have a few avian visitors dropping by to share a few sips of the water. Families traveling with kids on their African safari can opt to stay in the Family Cottage that includes two interlinked units, one room with a double bed and the other with twin singles. This cottage also has an exclusive use of a plunge pool.
Governors Mugie House Accommodation Mugie - Laikipia

Things To Do (Activities & Tour Attractions) & Why Visit Governors Mugie House On Mugie - Laikipia Safari?

Key Takeaways

  • Thrilling day and night safari game drives aboard specialized 4x4 vehicles under the supervision of an expert guide
  • Safari walking tours for glimpses of tiny ecosystems hidden in the undergrowth
  • Birdwatching excursions to spot some of the most beautiful birds of Laikipia
  • Conservation focussed activities such anti-poaching patrols, lion tracking, community market visits
  • Fishing at the dam on a catch-and-release basis, and golfing on a nine-hole course
The Mugie wilderness of northern Laikipia has an unimaginable beauty that will steal your heart. Explore the landscape aboard specialized 4x4 vehicles under the supervision of an expert guide to help you detect grazers and predators in their camouflage. You will be impressed by the in-depth knowledge he has about the creatures like Reticulated giraffe, endemic Jackson's hartebeest, Grevy's zebra, massive herds of elephants, buffalo, and various other endemic to Kenya. Not just the variety, but the teeming numbers are simply breathtaking.

Since you are staying in a private conservancy, you will have the rare chance of experiencing life in the bush after sundown when nocturnal animals come out to forage for food and hunts. When on safari in Laikipia, you can participate in conservation programs like the Cheetah and Wild Dog Project, and collaring and tracking lion numbers with Lion Landscapes. Sign up for birding excursions to see the incredible diversity of avian life that abounds here.

Go on a morning nature walking tour for insights into tiny creatures in the undergrowth that create micro-ecosystems with the plant species. You will also learn to identify passing animals by their tracks and droppings. Additional excursions that you can sign up for include conservation anti-poaching patrols with sniffer dogs and community interactions.

Try your hand at fishing for tilapia and catfish on a catch-and-release basis at the Mugie dam - Kenya’s third largest dam. Back at Governors Mugie House, you might run into Tala, the resident giraffe who was hand-reared and returned to the wild. Or, the cheetah who likes to hang around the lodge at a safe distance. If you enjoy golfing, do check out the nine-hole course where you can play with the assistance of experienced caddies.
Governors Mugie House Safari Mugie - Laikipia Tour

How Is The Dining At Governors Mugie House?

Key Takeaways

  • Al fresco dining service provided so guests can enjoy private meals in their cottages
  • All meals cooked using fresh, organic ingredients from the lodge kitchen gardens
  • Provision of bringing picnic meals for all-day game drives or bush breakfast
  • Requests for dishes to suit dietary preferences and restrictions
  • Provides specially cooked meals to suit the tastes and timing of kids visiting Laikipia
Governors Mugie House serves meals in their dining area within the central house. Tuck into mouth-watering meals using fresh, organic ingredients sourced from their kitchen garden. Treat your taste buds to a lavish amalgamation of flavors and aromas typical of the richness of Kenyan fertile soil.

Drinking water is provided in reusable bottles, and guests can request that their meals are served at the poolside or in the bush. If you have any special dietary restrictions, do inform the staff in advance. Room service, bush meals and picnic meals to bring on all-day game drives are also organized on your safari in Kenya.
Governors Mugie House Meals Mugie - Laikipia Dining

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Pros & Cons At Governors Mugie House In Mugie - Laikipia

What We Like About Governors Mugie House

  1. Sleeps a maximum of 18 vacationers in 8 cottage rooms and suites providing the tranquil holiday ambiance without the disturbance of large crowds.
  2. The lodge has a hide located close to the watering hole. Guests have the opportunity to get close to drinking wildlife.
  3. A luxury safari accommodation in Laikipia that provides superb services and high quality facilities. The quality of cuisine is exceptional. Honeymoon suite with a verandah plunge pool is perfect for couples seeking exclusivity and utmost privacy.
  4. Observes eco-friendly practices like solar panels for generating power, green toiletries, and minimal use of plastics. Drinking water provided in reusable bottles.
  5. Family-friendly accommodation accepting kids of all ages providing a two-bedroom Family Cottage with a private plunge pool.

Things To Note When Staying At Governors Mugie House

  1. Rooms have variable views, some of them overlook the Mugie bushland of Laikipia while others face the lush, tropical gardens.
  2. The lodge has facilities like an infinity swimming pool, spa for getting massages, and a 9-hole golf course. Guests looking for an authentic safari stay might find such add-ons unsuitable for a wilderness getaway.
  3. A yesteryear house with elegant decor. Not suitable for guests who prefer a tented canvas experience but perfect for guests who prefer a country-house stay on a slow relaxing safari.
  4. A limited number of rooming options results in the stayover getting booked quickly in the peak season. Guests may want to book their stay at least 12 to 18 months beforehand.
  5. More suitable for extended stays of 4 nights because of the high number of activities to do here.
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Governors Mugie House Is A Premier Tier 1 Safari Accommodation

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