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Siruai Mobile Camp Overview & Where Is It Located?

Laikipia is an exceptional example of how humans can be custodians of the wildlife living on their lands and care for their conservation and welfare. When you visit the private Siruai Mobile Camp by Safari Collection (also sister property owner of the famous Giraffe Manor in Nairobi), you will be immersed in a fabulous secluded wilderness teeming with an impressive diversity of animal life, both terrestrial and avian. This exclusive-use camp is situated within the 43,000-acre Suyian Conservancy on land owned by the Powys family, a multi-generation Kenyan household of European descent.

Mobile tented structures, including a central lounge and dining area along with rooms and suites, stand on a rocky outcrop amidst the lush vegetation that seems to embrace them. Safari vacationers spending time here are treated to marvelous views of the Ewaso Narok River valley and a natural salt lick and watering hole below. Choose a spot on the warm rocks and set up a temporary outlook to enjoy panoramic views of the sprawling bushland dotted with trees.

Your senses will be regaled by the utter tranquility that is only broken by birds' songs and the distant calls of animals. Prepare for visits from eland antelopes sporting long black twisted horns and distinctive white stripes. As you watch these majestic animals grazing close by, you will understand why the camp’s owners opted to name this vacation accommodation after their name, “Siruai” in the Maa language.

The camp keenly follows eco-friendly principles and is dedicated to minimizing any carbon footprint on the conservancies of Laikipia with the installation of solar panels to generate power. The camp is only open from mid-December to mid-January, and again at the end of April till mid-October, allowing the land to regenerate during other months.

Key Takeaways

  • Located on the privately-owned 43,000-acre Suyian Conservancy in northern Laikipia
  • An exclusive-use seasonal camp that is open during certain months of the year to allow renewal of the ecology. Perfect for families or small groups of travelers wanting the whole camp to themselves
  • Overlooking the scenic Ewaso Narok River valley and a salt lick-water hole where animals congregate
  • Mobile camp dedicated to minimizing the impact on the delicate ecosystem of the landscape
  • Easily accessible, guests can choose to land at Siruai’s private airstrip, which is 15 minutes drive away, or the distant public Loisaba Airstrip - 45 minutes’ drive away
Siruai Mobile Camp Suyian - Laikipia Park View

What To Expect At Siruai Mobile Camp Accommodation?

Key Takeaways

  • Luxury Safari Tier 1 Experience. Total of 7 tented rooms for a maximum of 10 guests - private and exclusive use of the camp
  • Accepts children of all ages, units closest to the lounge area are suitable for sleeping up to 3 kids
  • Ensuite bathroom with a flushing toilet and authentic bucket showers
  • Covered patio outside with a seating arrangement for relaxing
  • Mobile structures that allow rebuilding of the camp during the open seasons
Make your way from the lounge area to the 7 tented rooms following grassy pathways over the boulders. Each tent at Siruai Mobile Camp has a simplistic yet elegant decor providing a private and authentic safari holiday experience in Kenya. Small modern conveniences ensure that your stay in Laikipia is super comfortable. You will have the unforgettable experience of sleeping under the open skies in canvas tents in a lovely olive green color.

Mesh panels all around bring in the sights, sounds, and aromas of the wilderness, but should you need privacy, drop the rolled-up canvas panels. A tarp covers the floor, and a large double bed stands in the center of the room. To one side are a table and an open rack for unpacking. A dresser is created out of an old-world safari chest that also has a mirror.

The ensuite bathroom has a flush toilet, and when you are ready to shower, do let the staff know. They will fill the bucket outside with hot water for the exciting bucket showering experience. When taking a break from your thrilling private safari activities, relax in the seating arrangement set up on the covered patio. Revel in the glorious views of the grassy woodlands of northern Laikipia and Mount Kenya while seated amidst the lush grasses and acacia - fig trees. You are likely to see herds of elephants and Grevy’s zebras visiting the watering hole to drink.
Siruai Mobile Camp Accommodation Suyian - Laikipia

Things To Do (Activities & Tour Attractions) & Why Visit Siruai Mobile Camp On Suyian - Laikipia Safari?

Key Takeaways

  • Walking safaris from the camp’s doorstep to explore the ridge with its varied plant and insect life
  • Thrilling private safari game tours aboard a specialized 4x4 all-terrain vehicle with an expert guide
  • Kayaking and tubing excursions on the river
  • Fishing expeditions on a strictly catch-and-release basis
  • Swimming in pristine rock pools and jumping from atop a high boulder into the tanned waters
Every moment of your trip to this fabulous natural wonderland is filled with memorable sights. Since Siruai Mobile Camp is located in a remote northwestern corner of Laikipia (Suyian Conservancy), you will have the luxury of customized tours and exploring to your heart’s content without the disturbance of large crowds at your own time. You will be assigned an expert and private tour guide, who will show you around and tailor your activities according to your preferences.

Start off with a bushwalking excursion from the camp’s doorstep for an introduction to the flora and tiny creatures hidden in the undergrowth. Follow the ridgelines across the boulders and river valleys to come upon some of the most beautiful species of Laikipia (best time to go). Safari game drives are the best way to explore the landscape. In addition to grazers like reticulated giraffe, elephant, Grevy’s zebra, eland, and various others, you might also spot predators like the lion, leopard, and wild dog.

Plan a trip to the river and sign up for a kayaking or tubing excursion. You can also choose to fish on the river on a catch-and-release basis. The glorious waterfalls with the tanned water cascading through kopjes is a sight to behold. Check with the safari guide to arrange an afternoon of swimming in the rock pools where you can indulge in jumping from a high spot atop the rocks into the pristine waters below.
Siruai Mobile Camp Safari Suyian - Laikipia Tour

How Is The Dining At Siruai Mobile Camp?

Key Takeaways

  • Bush breakfast beside the river with views of pods of hippos wallowing in the shallows
  • Provision of private, family dinners under the stars
  • Mealtimes and menu can be customized based on your preferences
  • Delightful campfires lighted each evening to enjoy sundowner drinks and pre-dinner cocktails
  • Offers the option of dining on tables outside on the rocks
Lip-smacking meals are served in the dining section in the main lounge; each dish complimenting the authentic safari setting. The staff organizes breakfast and lunch at different locations such as beside the river to the sights of grunting pods of hippos or on the rocks in the open air. You can also request children’s meals at your preferred times, customize your meal menus, or choose to eat together as a family at a communal table hidden underneath a large ancient kopje.

Exchange stories of the many adventures you had and compare notes about the wonderful sights of Laikipia and raw camping experiences at Siruai Mobile Camp (other places stay). The evenings are highlighted by warm campfires where you can relax and enjoy the stunning sunsets over the gorgeous landscape and starry nights just before your pre-dinner drinks and tasty nighttime cuisine.
Siruai Mobile Camp Meals Suyian - Laikipia Dining

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Pros & Cons At Siruai Mobile Camp In Suyian - Laikipia

What We Like About Siruai Mobile Camp

  1. A private and exclusive-use camp providing the secluded safari vacation experience with low visitor footfall and undisturbed wildlife viewing experiences.
  2. Eco-friendly mobile accommodation that can be taken down during the seasonal closures and built from scratch when it seasonally reopens. High regard for conservation and minimizing the carbon footprint. Power is generated using solar panels.
  3. Easy to access via a private charter. Guests can choose to fly in and land at the Siruai private airstrip and then drive over a distance of 15 minutes to reach this camp in northern Laikipia. The shared public airstrip is located in Loisaba
  4. As a private camp owned by the same hoteliers of Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, it welcomes multi-generation families with young children with the provision of accommodating up to 3 kids in the tent closest to the reception area. Safari activities can be customized to the needs of each family based on their age group.
  5. Strategically located atop a kopje amidst natural stones and vegetation overlooking a salt lick and the stunningly-beautiful Ewaso Narok River valley and distant views of Mount Kenya on a clear day.

Things To Note When Staying At Siruai Mobile Camp

  1. The camp does not have facilities like a swimming pool, fitness center, or spa for getting massages. This can be a potential downside for family guests requiring such add-ons but may be suitable for others preferring the authentic and raw African safari experience.
  2. Not suited for guests with mobility challenges who may have to look for other rooming options. A minimum of 3 nights is required for any booking.
  3. Provides only comfortable mobile-built facilities and amenities typical of a seasonal tented accommodation, which may not be ideal for discerning vacationers wanting high-end aesthetics and chic facilities in their room e.g. power showers rather than bucket showers, in-room log burner during the cooler nights in Laikipia, etc.
  4. Primarily caters to upmarket clients looking for exclusive use and buy-out of the whole camp. Guests looking for mid-range or affordable stay may want to consider booking other camps and lodges in Laikipia with shared safari services and camp facilities.
  5. A seasonal camp that is open only during specific months of the year. Guests on their private safari holiday wishing to stay here can only book their travel in Laikipia from mid-December to mid-January, and again at the end of April till mid-October.
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Siruai Mobile Camp Is A Premier Tier 1 Safari Accommodation

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