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Murchison Falls National Park


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Murchison Falls Park Introduction - Location, Wildlife & History

As the mighty Nile travels through Africa, it takes on many personas and names while nourishing the landscape with life-giving water that sustains flora, wildlife, and humans that live around it. Perhaps one of the most spectacular faces of the Nile in East Africa is the one it presents at Murchison Falls National Park (where to stay).

At the northern edge of the Albertine Rift Valley, where the Bunyoro slopes dip into massive savannahs, the Victoria Nile tumbles down through 80 kilometers (50 miles) of rapids and pours through a narrow 7-meter (23 feet) gap into the Devil’s Cauldron. The mist rising from the falls creates a breathtakingly beautiful rainbow floating in the sunshine. Even more striking than the view from below is the thundering viewpoint from the top of the falls, which can be done as part of your hiking trip in Uganda.

Murchison Falls National Park is part of the greater Murchison Falls Conservation Area (MFCA), which encompasses various other woodlands and forests, such as the Budongo Forest Reserve, Karuma Falls Wildlife Reserve and Bugungu Wildlife Reserve. The wholesome wilderness of Murchison Falls received gazetted status in 1926 as a game reserve and in 1952 as a national park, and is not only the country’s first conservation area, but also covers the largest area at 3840 square kilometers (1483 square miles) as a park.

During your safari vacation in Uganda, you will learn about how indiscriminate poaching during the era of dictator Idi Amin decimated much of the wildlife. But the recovering numbers of recent times present a fine example of nature’s renewed resilience when offered some protection from human destruction. Today, it’s possible to see some 76 species of mammals and 451 varieties of birdlife in the region, along with a stunning array of plant and tree life, including acacia trees, Borassus palms, and riverside forests.

Key Takeaways

  • The first conservation area of Uganda having received the gazetted game reserve status in 1926 and park status in 1952
  • Covering a national park area of 3840 square kilometers (1483 square miles) showcasing 76 species of mammals, 451 types of birds, and a striking diversity of flora and landscapes
  • Victoria Nile River running over 80 kilometers of rapids before thundering through the Murchison Falls at Devil’s Cauldron
  • Running through the northern edge of the Albertine Rift Valley across the Bunyoro Escarpment
  • The park is part of the greater Murchison Falls Conservation Area (MFCA) which includes Budongo Forest, Karuma Falls and Bugungu Wildlife Reserves

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1. What Are The Wildlife Experiences In Murchison Falls National Park?
What Are The Areas Of Interest In Murchison Falls National Park
2. Murchison Falls & Uhuru Falls - Uganda’s Mightiest
3. Safari Game Drives Along The Buligi Game Tracks
4. The Legendary Nile River
5. The Lake Albert Delta For Birdwatching Shoebill
6. Chimps - Primates & Biodiversity In The Kaniyo Pabidi Area Of Budongo Forest
7. Tourism Hub at Paraa
8. Rabongo Forest - Flora & Avian Experiences
9. Karuma Falls
Murchison Falls Park - An Overview

1. What Are The Wildlife Experiences In Murchison Falls National Park?

Key Takeaways

  • Sightings of animals that come to the river banks to drink including the aquatic wildlife of the Nile
  • Predators like lions, leopards, and hyenas also thrive here with opportunities for predator-prey interactions
  • The forest of Budongo hosts around 600 to 800 chimpanzees with the prime trek areas being Kaniyo Pabidi. Various other primates can be seen in the park including the rare patas monkey
  • A rich diversity of bird life, both semi-aquatic and terrestrial
  • Sightings of the grey-crowned crane which is the national bird of Uganda

Animals Of Murchison Falls Park - Big Cats - Predators, Grazers - Herbivores & Primates

If you tour the river by a boat cruise, you’ll have an opportunity to view pods of hippos half-submerged in the water and crocodiles basking in the warm sunshine. You can also spot other animals visiting the Victoria Nile River to drink, including elephants, buffalos, Rothschild’s giraffes, warthogs, Defassa waterbucks, Uganda kobs, oribis, Jackson’s hartebeests, grey duiker, and bushbucks. Keep your eyes peeled during safari game drives at Murchison Falls Park to spot some of the carnivores that inhabit this unique wilderness, such as lions, leopards, hyenas, and their prey, along with the rare patas monkey, which thrives in the savannah grasslands.

Currently, there are no zebras, wildebeests, rhinos, wild dogs and cheetahs present in Murchison Falls Park, and we recommend you extend out to Kidepo National Park in northern Uganda as it has plenty of zebras, and the occasional cheetahs and rare wild dogs for maximum wildlife viewing; We also recommend you visit Kenya and Tanzania on safari to view these missing wildlife as there are plenty of parks that have them, and in abundance. Should you take a trip to the Kaniyo Pabidi area of the Budongo Forest, you’ll be able to see the resident chimpanzees, which number around 600 to 800. Other beautiful primates living in the park include olive baboons, red-tailed monkeys, blue monkeys, and black and white colobus monkeys.

Beautiful Birds Of Murchison Falls Park

Birdwatchers on safari in Africa will be delighted by the incredible variety of feathered wonders that live in Uganda’s premier national park - Murchison Falls. Look for the African quail finch, speckle-fronted weaver, white-browed sparrow weaver, red-throated bee-eater, giant and malachite kingfishers, black-headed gonoleks, silver birds, blue-headed coucals, squacco herons, African jacanas, swamp flycatchers, Abyssinian ground hornbills, sandpipers, black-billed barbets, eastern grey plantain-eaters, weaver birds, Denham’s bustards, and rare shoebill storks. You might also spot grey-crowned cranes, which are famous as the national bird of Uganda.

After your birdwatching tour, add a visit to the local communities to your holiday itinerary and look forward to a fascinating introduction into traditional cultural lives of the Ugandan people.
What Are The Wildlife Experiences In Murchison Falls National Park

What Are The Areas Of Interest In Murchison Falls National Park?

2. Murchison Falls & Uhuru Falls - Uganda’s Mightiest

Key Takeaways

  • Opportunity to see two of the most spectacular falls in this region, Murchison and Uhuru
  • Transition point where the Nile transforms from a raging torrent into calmly flowing Albert Nile
  • Reveling in the views of the fabulous mist that spreads over a 50-meter radius (164 feet)
Murchison Falls is a transition point, where the raging waters of the Victoria Nile, after thundering over 80 kilometers (50 miles) of rapids, transform into the calm, lazily flowing Albert Nile. The waters gush powerfully through a compressed, 7-meter (23 feet) wide gorge and throw up a mist that spreads across a 50-meter (164 feet) radius. It creates a fabulous rainbow that dances over the falls – and presents a lovely scenic photo safari opportunity. Next to Murchison Falls is the tamer Uhuru Falls, which first came into being in 1962 when the river overflowed its banks and cut a new channel.
Murchison Falls & Uhuru Falls - Uganda’s Mightiest

3. Safari Game Drives Along The Buligi Game Tracks

Key Takeaways

  • Meeting point of the Victoria Nile and Lake Albert abounding with lush forests, savannah grasslands, and other vegetation
  • Buligi game drive tracks for sighting a diversity of wildlife
  • Game drives covering a distance of 120 to 170 kilometers
The northern region that borders the Victoria Nile from the Paraa region leading to Lake Albert is a superb game drive destination, boasting lush acacia forests, riverside vegetation, savannah grasslands, and various other trees and undergrowth. The Buligi game tracks cover a distance of between 120 and 170 kilometers (75 - 105 miles) and offer diverse views of the stunning wildlife in Murchison Falls National Park (best time to visit).
Safari Game Drives Along The Buligi Game Tracks

4. The Legendary Nile River

Key Takeaways

  • Boat tours to various species of wildlife that come to drink on the shores
  • Nature walks on the north and south banks
  • Fishing for the famous Nile perch and river rafting activities in Jinja
Explore the beauty of the legendary Nile, which has captivated visitors for centuries. Boat tours allow you to view the various species of mammals, birds, and reptiles that come to drink at the river shores, and hunt also, while nature walks on the north and south banks offer stunning vistas. Try your hand at fishing for the famous Nile perch, or consider adding whitewater rafting to your list of tour activities to do in the Jinja area.
The Legendary Nile River

5. The Lake Albert Delta For Birdwatching Shoebill

Key Takeaways

  • Scenic delta in the west of the park where the Nile River merges with Lake Albert
  • Area abounding with papyrus reeds and other flora
  • A magnet for aquatic avian life that thrives on the fish in the shallow swamps - best place to spot the prized shoebill catching the African lungfish
As the placid Victoria Nile merges with Lake Albert in the western sector of Murchison Falls National Park, it spreads out to create a fabulous delta that abounds with papyrus reeds and a striking variety of avian life. Birdwatchers on safari in Uganda should be on the lookout for great egrets, Goliath herons, African fish eagles, and the elusive shoebill stork.
The Lake Albert Delta For Birdwatching Shoebill

6. Chimps - Primates & Biodiversity In The Kaniyo Pabidi Area Of Budongo Forest

Key Takeaways

  • Located on the southwest of the Murchison Falls Conservation Area
  • Activities include chimpanzee and primate trekking safaris and birdwatching excursions
  • Sightings of various other primates and smaller mammals, both herbivores and predators
  • Nature walks to spot some of the 360 bird species, 289 butterfly varieties, 24 kinds of mammals, and 465 plant types
Kaniyo Pabidi is a lush, green woodland of Budongo Forest Reserve in the southwestern region of Murchison Falls National Park, famous for its 600 - 800 chimpanzee residents. The habituated families are used to the presence of humans, so you can spend time in their vicinity (at a safe distance) without provoking fear. In addition, you’ll be able to track down other primates such as blue monkeys, olive baboons, vervet monkeys, and black-and-white colobus monkeys, along with other mammals like elephants and buffalos, and also the predatory leopards, though elusive and rare.

Birdwatchers can try to spot some rare and endemic species, such as the Puvel's illadopsis, white-thighed hornbill, and chocolate-backed kingfisher. Guests in Uganda can go on primate trekking safari trips using the budget Budongo Eco Lodge as a base.

Budongo Forest also has about 360 bird species, along with 289 butterfly species, 24 types of mammals, and 465 plant varieties. Should you hike along the “Royal Mile,” you’ll enjoy an opportunity to view the numerous species of flora that thrive here. On request, your consultant at AfricanMecca Safaris can organize a nature trek for you at the Busingiro Ecotourism Site, which lies on the Masindi-Bugungu trail leading to Murchison Falls Park (view recommended trip).
Chimps - Primates & Biodiversity In The Kaniyo Pabidi Area Of Budongo Forest

7. Tourism Hub at Paraa

Key Takeaways

  • Taking its name from the term for “home of the hippo” in the Luo language
  • A base for most tourism activities in the region such as launch rides, nature walks, and game drives
  • Ferry connecting the north and south banks that hosts lodges and camps of Murchison Falls
Paraa is a local Luo term that translates to “the hippo’s home”. It’s a local hub and acts as a base for most of the tourism activities in the area, including all boat rides, nature walks along the Emmy River, and game drives. The passenger ferry connecting the northern and southern banks of the Nile is also located here. Safari vacationers will find lodges and camps on either side of the river, along with a tiny museum and souvenir store.
Tourism Hub at Paraa

8. Rabongo Forest - Flora & Avian Experiences

Key Takeaways

  • Covering an area of four square kilometers and surrounded by rolling grasslands in the fringes
  • Supplemental destination boasting of several spectacular bird species, also abounds with a diversity of plant varieties
  • Camping and picnics beside the Wairingo River
Surrounded by rolling savannah grasslands in the outskirts, Rabongo Forest covers a very small area of four square kilometers (1.5 square miles) and offers a distinct and complementing birding and flora destination in Murchison Falls National Park. Your tour guide assigned is likely to recommend a visit to this woodland for its various species of medicinal trees and plants, as well as the chance to camp or picnic beside the Wairingo River.
Rabongo Forest - Flora & Avian Experiences

9. Karuma Falls

Key Takeaways

  • Located at Chobe on the eastern region of the park
  • Waters rippling over a series of rocks taking on a white sudsy appearance
  • An ideal spot for sport fishing to catch the famous Nile perch - permit required
Karuma Falls are at Chobe, in the eastern region of Murchison Falls National Park, and ripple over a series of rocks carved into whimsical shapes by the water. As a result, the water takes on a white, sudsy appearance that’s fascinating to view. This area is perfect for sport fishing to snag the famous Nile perch. The only lodge we recommend you stay close to the area is Chobe Safari Lodge by Marasa Africa hotels chain.

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Murchison Falls has varied accommodations, from the luxuries of Baker's Lodge to the deluxe option of Nile Safari Lodge. The value lodge options are Murchison River, Paraa and Chobe Safari Lodges.

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Experience safari game drives in the Buligi game tracks area, boat safaris on the Victoria Nile to see the Murchison Falls and Lake Albert Delta, wild chimpanzee trekking safari in Budongo Forest and more.

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Like most locations in Africa, Murchison Falls National Park has two wet rainy seasons and two dry seasons. December to March, June & July is the best times to visit Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda.


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When visiting Murchison Falls for your wildlife safari, we recommend combining it with Bwindi Park for your gorilla safari trek, Queen Elizabeth, and Kibale (chimpanzee safari) alongside your city tour visits of Kampala and Entebbe.

You may optionally extend out to other wilderness areas such as Mgahinga to track down golden monkeys and gorillas in the same park, Jinja for whitewater rafting on the Nile River, and Semliki, Lake Mburo or Kidepo for an offbeat wildlife tour.

You can end your vacation on the beach at Lake Victoria or even extending out to the exotic spice island of Zanzibar or Lamu, or even Mombasa.

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