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You have not experienced the true nature of safaris in Africa until you have tried an authentic bush tented camp such as the Kati Kati Tented Camp (Central, Mara & Ndutu) overlooking the vast rolling grass plains in Central Serengeti, near the Mara River in Northern Serengeti and also in Southern Serengeti where large populations of cheetahs exists and the Mecca of newborn wildebeests.

The camp provides an ecologically responsible way to get back to your roots during your tour in Tanzania with AfricanMecca. Ecologically sound, because the management takes care in minimizing footprint to the ecology from their activities by re-sitting the tents periodically to provide former sites to naturally renew. Back to your roots because, just a 3-4-hour drive away to Kati Kati Tented Camp in Central Serengeti (open all year round) through amazing scenery, you can visit the probable "cradle of mankind " in the Olduvai Gorge, outside the Ngorongoro Crater on the way to the Serengeti.

Here, the Leakey’s found evidence of two-million-year-old ancestors of modern man. During your stay in Northern Serengeti (July to November) at Mara Kati Kati Tented Camp, the Mara River will provide spectacular views of crossing herds of hundreds of thousands of migratory wildebeest, gazelles and zebra in their specific season as well as the sharp canine crocodiles that seize any opportunity to feast on the weary stragglers.

While staying at the Ndutu Kati Kati Tented Camp (December to March) in the southern prime plains of Serengeti , you will witness the the birth of life taking its first step – the south hosts the seasonal calving of the wildebeests – the primary reason of visits during this time.

All Kati Kati Tented Camps can also be easily accessed from Arusha by safari flights to the nearest airstrip, 40-90 minutes away at Seronera, Kusini or Kogatende, or by an adventurous road journey that takes you on an extended tour of the Serengeti, depending on the current location of the varied Tanganyika Wilderness Camp, as a breathtaking wildlife introduction to your encapsulating journey of discovery during your enchanting safari holiday visits in Africa.

Accommodation At Kati Kati Tented Camp (Central, Mara & Ndutu)

On arrival for the start of your Kati Kati Tented Camp safari stay, you will be greeted with cold face towels and welcome drinks to help you acclimatize to the wonderful dry heat of the vast grasslands of the Serengeti National Park. Depending on the location, 10 to 12 spacious, comfortable but utilitarian tents form the backbone of this simple community in the middle of nowhere, each supplied with king-size or twin beds as required, with ensuite facilities, including portable flush toilet, hand-operated shower source via an outdoor bucket, metal hand-basin adjacent to a large vanity mirror and solar lighting.

All tents are covered with a polled awning to provide protection against direct sunlight heat, the rain in season and as an extension leading to your small verandah with two safari chairs and a drink table. A short walk away are the mess tent with indoor dining area and a lounge tent with library facilities. All meals are included in the basic tariff.

Cheerful personal attention will be given to all your needs, especially to dietary requirements. In the center of the camp is the campfire where residents meet for sundowner drinks and tasters before dinner. By day or night, AfricanMecca guests prefer to congregate in the open-sided sitting out area. At night, you will be escorted from your tent to the main area and back to safeguard against the likelihood of an unexpected meeting with a four-legged local denizen on your photo safari tour of Africa. After all, you are sleeping in their back yard.

Safari At Kati Kati Tented Camp (Central, Mara & Ndutu)

Safaris in Tanzania are all about the amazing variety of animal life, especially the Big 5: lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino, traditionally targeted by old-time hunters – not welcome anymore! Kati Kati Tented Camp is ideally situated to see these. The modern visitor shooting only with its camera is equally fascinated by the mere sighting, behavioral activity, observation and photographic opportunities that lie in the Serengeti.

Experiences etched in memory include the hippos, whimsically cute as they shake the water from their small trumpet ears when they surface in the river and also short-sighted, cantankerous and equally fast and dangerous on land as their horned cousins. The giant river crocodile on the banks of the Mara and Grumeti Rivers are also a ruthless predator as well as the blue-bottomed baboon, a fierce and powerful antagonist.

The cheetah is fast and beautiful as is the leopard, all collaged with a variety of antelopes and other ungulates, not forgetting the blond(e) elegant giraffe are all sightings that can be experienced in the varied landscapes within a short drive of Kati Kati Tented Camp. In southern Serengeti, you can experience the birthing of the wildebeests. You will witness calves being dropped and taking their first step while watchful predators await for any opportunity to make a kill

But there is more, much more, to appreciate, including many rare and amusing mammals, rock dwelling hyraxes on the isolated stone outcrops or kopjes that rise above the thorn-tree dotted plain, nocturnal tree dwelling big-eyed bush babies, ant-eating aardvarks and pangolin, and their insect prey, mountain-building termites, giant spike-armored grasshoppers, praying mantis and brightly glimmering fireflies.

There are hundreds of species of birds here as well, from giant, galumphing, flightless ostriches and graceful crowned cranes, to artistic craftsmen like the weavers as well as jeweled miniature bundles of shining feathers like the sunbirds and lovebirds. Finally, returning to owners of the land whom you will come to appreciate: meet the tall, slim, beautiful and proud Maasai people, whose lives are so much simpler than your own.

When you travel to Africa, your vacation in Tanzania would not be complete without a trip to Serengeti with AfricanMecca, which will thoroughly change your perception of who you really are. After your tour of Africa, you will never see the world in quite the same way again.

Dining At Kati Kati Tented Camp (Central, Mara & Ndutu)

Meals are wholesome and substantial, freshly made from choice, locally-sourced ingredients. Fine teas, coffee, juices and tisanes are available as well as wines and beers. Delightful pastries, cakes, puddings and desserts fill up any remaining gaps as your appetite is awakened by the exhilaration of outdoor living.

Morning tea kindles you to the fresh dawn light, air and mindfulness of your special vacation as you discuss activity plans for the day with your AfricanMecca tour guide. A filling breakfast of fruit, cereal, cooked eggs or bacon and fresh waffles is a sustaining way to start a day which will be full of amazing discoveries.

If you decide to chase the migratory herds of wildebeest in your 4x4, you may take a packed lunch for a picnic. A siesta in the warmer part of the day will refresh you before heading out for your afternoon game drive on the plains of Serengeti.

You can dine in style in the well-appointed dining tent or outdoors around the campfire depending on the set up for the evening by the hosting staff. Delicious classic soups and roasts are served with fresh baked bread and local vegetables, or you can opt for food prepared in a bush kitchen at a nearby viewpoint with a well-stocked bush bar laid on.

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When staying at Kati Kati Tented Camp in Serengeti (Central Seronera River, South - Ndutu & North Mara River), we recommend combining your safari with a visit to Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, & Tarangire. You may optionally extend out to Southern Tanzania, and experience the off-beat wilderness areas of Selous & Ruaha ending with a beach vacation and Swahili cultural tour in the exotic spice island of Zanzibar.



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