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Kiba Point Selous Lodge is your private oasis of complete and utter relaxation during your dream Tanzania vacation visit in the Nyerere National Park (Selous). Situated at a bend in the Rufiji River, the camp offers fabulous views of the river and surrounding woodlands. The accommodations are designed with a subtle elegance that does not distract you from the beauty of the land around you.

Kiba Point Selous is a place where you can escape from the frantic pace of everyday life outside of Africa and revel in the experience of a pristine setting with diverse wildlife. The camp excursions can be arranged to visit some spots in the reserve like Stiegler's Gorge, Kidai Island, hot springs and Lake Tagalala, and you can discover all of these locations with activities such as private game drives, boat safaris, walking safaris and fly camping.

AfricanMecca guests at Kiba Point can even cast a line for tiger fish or catfish, and the kitchen will prepare the guest’s catch for a snack or dinner. Kiba Point Selous gives you a wild Nomad nature experience – a once-in-a-lifetime escapade during your adventure holiday in Africa.

You may catch a glimpse of elephant wandering quietly through the camp as you lounge by the pool, or you may see the elusive leopard moving carefully through the woodlands on your return from your afternoon activity. Because of its location and personalization, Kiba Point Selous accommodates only private arrangements for families and small groups up to a maximum of eight. Children eight years of age and older are welcome at the camp, and children must be at least 12 years old for activities such as fly camping and safari walks.

Accommodation At Kiba Point Selous Lodge

Kiba Point Selous Lodge gives you a private getaway residence in between your exciting and authentic Tanzania safari wilderness experience in Selous. With only 4 cottages on the grounds, you are able to enjoy privacy amidst the African bush. The cottages are designed with a large open floor plan so that you feel relaxed during your stay.

Each cottage is incredibly clean and gives you easy access to all of the modern amenities that you need during your tour of Tanzania, such as a full bathroom, hot and cold running water, shower, flush toilet and much more. You also have a plunge pool on your private veranda to help you cool off during the warm African days or relax and gaze at the stars at night. The camp offers a common dining area, lounge with cosy couches and chairs and a swimming pool.

If you choose to fly camp during your Kiba Point Selous safari vacation on your AfricanMecca trip, you will certainly enjoy the leisurely walk to the campsite. The sounds of the African bush surround you, and an armed guard is always nearby to keep a watchful eye. But, you will definitely have to sacrifice on luxurious comforts while fly camping in the wild.

Your tent and bedroll are minimal sleeping arrangements, but adequately comfortable for you to slumber quietly, and with all meals provided, an authentic bush satisfaction is certain (read more on where else to stay in Nyerere Park (Selous) on your East African safari).

Safari At Kiba Point Selous Lodge

Private safari activities are offered in the morning and afternoon, and you have enough time in the day to participate in two activities during your dream tour of Africa. Game drives are one of the most exciting and breathtaking ways to experience an African safari. The diversity of the landscape is hard to imagine -- open savannah, acacia woodlands, dense forest, lakes, rivers and much more.

Your guide travels in relation to the destination and wildlife experiences, and describes wildlife behavior, habitats, species and much more. Using his incredible knowledge and understanding of the fauna found within the game reserve, your guide takes you to strategic locations that offer the best wildlife viewing as planned on your AfricanMecca itinerary.

Your guide may also use the on-board radio to exchange up-to-date information with other experienced guides on what the animal movements may be in other parts of the Selous as you continue to track the wildlife using paw and hoof tracks, sight and smell. Southern Tanzania wilderness areas have many waterways that provide you the opportunity to explore the aquatic inhabitants of the Nyerere National Park (Selous) during your travel in Africa.

The two largest animals that you may see in the water are hippo and crocodile. Large mammals come to the water's edge to drink and many species of birds hunt for fish and smaller creatures in the water. You privately travel with a dedicated guide in an aluminum or fiberglass boat with an outboard motor, stopping at times to simply drift along the natural currents, hear nature’s sounds or observe wildlife in the distance.

Kiba Point Selous walking safaris are educational and incredibly intriguing as you see smaller denizens and plant life. The walks typically begin early in the day when the temperature is comfortable. Your private guide enlightens you about the ecology, tracking techniques, carcaases, wildlife droppings, medicinal uses of plants, bird species supplemented with viewing and observing transitory and resident game at a safe distance.

Dining At Kiba Point Selous Lodge

The food at Kiba Point Selous Lodge is simply amazing. From the moment you wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and biscuits to the time that you relax with a glass of cognac and a divine dessert, you savor gastronomic delights from the camp kitchen. After the morning game drive, AfricanMecca guests return to the camp to fill their tummies with a wonderful hearty breakfast of "full English" and traditional European choices, such as toast, jams, marmalades, muesli, fresh fruit, cheeses, friend or boiled eggs, omelets, waffles, scones and much more.

If you prefer to extend your morning African safari activity, you may request a packed breakfast to enjoy in the bush. Before lunch, freshen up a bit and head over to the dining tent to enjoy the cool shade hoping for the stray cool breeze while you select from a variety of platters, such as varied meats, cheeses, vegetarian options and many other wonderful choices.

A delightful cup of tea/coffee and light snacks in the late afternoon gives you time to consider your next adventures, such as a boating safari to watch the elephants or buffaloes appear at the edge of the river for a drink or a game drive to observe stealthy predators like wild dogs or lions preparing for a night of hunting (read more on when is the best time to visit Nyerere Park (Selous) on an East Africa safari).

The setting sun is a spectacular display of beauty – a close to the complete experience of the Selous which then welcome more tasty nourishments as the kitchen prepares your dinner. The choices for your evening meal are abundant, such as meat, fish, poultry, salads, soups, cooked vegetables and much more. Kiba Point Selous also offers bush lunch meals to take with you on your Selous activity tours, which is optimal for full day safari excursions exploring the reserve.

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When staying at Kiba Point Selous Lodge in Nyerere (Selous), we recommend combining it with offbeat parks in Southern and Western Tanzania such as Ruaha or Katavi ending with a chimpanzee trekking safari at Gombe or Mahale.

You may optionally extend out to Northern Tanzania safari parks such as Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti (wildebeest migration). End your trip with a Swahili cultural tour and beach holiday in Zanzibar.



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