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Tarangire Balloon Camp is styled as a mid-range boutique property, a unique, well-groomed Mada accommodation not far from Boundary Hill edge, overlooking Tarangire National Park in Tanzania. As part of your stay at Tarangire Balloon Camp, you will experience the national park’s offerings of over 1,000 square miles of carefully controlled environment where the Tarangire River, its tributaries and swamps provide a natural sanctuary for thousands of large mammals, driven to seek fresh feeding grounds as shallow soda lakes in the African Rift Valley shrink and dry seasonally. During your game drives, you will see vast herds of ungainly wildebeest, curvaceous zebra, graceful impala, thick-set dry-land oryx and beautiful swan-necked gerenuk, join other ungulates, such as the undulating giraffe and the endearing warthog to provide an irresistible magnet for wildlife safaris to Africa. On the marshlands and river beds herds of up to 2,500 elephants can congregate. On the grasslands, monolithic red earth, murram termite mounds, and dotted over the plains, thousands of monumental baobab trees rear their surreal crowns, often over 70 feet high, medusa-headed, bottle-trunked mammoths, sometimes 35 feet in diameter, and many of them over 3,000 years old. No vacation in Tanzania with AfricanMecca can capture the essence of the Tarangire without its giants. These are exactly the kinds of marvels best viewed from a hot air balloon, languidly gliding over the grassy plains on an unforgettable Tarangire Balloon Camp safari.

Accommodation At Tarangire Balloon Camp

Tarangire Balloon Camp is an accommodation site with only 6 safari tents, thus affording a privacy and standard of service superior to larger camps and lodges. All the tents are set well apart, in light woodland, but arid grassland, raised on stilted bases with solid flights of stairs and sturdy handrails, pitched ornamental wooden roofs and wooden decking extending to a large, partly shaded fenced verandah with safari chairs, facing the glorious sunsets for which a Tanzanian safari is justifiably famed. All the tents feature king-size four-poster beds with romantic draped mosquito nets, insect proof mesh windows and bedside tables with matching dual standard lamps that showcase an art motif of a baobab tree. They have an open-plan en-suite bathroom with a private shower, and also dual vanity basins, cased around a wooden enclosure. There are warm, woven ethnic rugs; a long luxurious leather sofa, accompanying table, studded leather-backed chair and a dressing table with a vanity mirror, all furnished in the tent. A solid wood table is available for en-suite dining if required and personal butler service can be specified to complete the individual ambience of your preferred Tarangire trip with AfricanMecca. The main complex provides a spacious dining room, also raised on concrete supports on one side with canvas walls and open-air entrance on the other side, amidst a vaulted wooden roof, and sided by a long, balustraded verandah for al fresco meals. Tables of various shapes and sizes accommodate intimate couples or larger families and parties. Carved and netted elegant wooden chairs emphasize clean design lines. A bar and comfortable lounge with deeply cushioned leather armchairs complete the amenities to be desired on holiday in Africa.

Safari At Tarangire Balloon Camp

Apart from the Tarangire hot air balloon safari, there are many options for getting close to the wildlife you most want to see on your tour of Tanzania. From Tarangire Balloon Camp, you may choose to visit a Maasai village to learn about their culture, rituals, dances and musical performances, and join in the throbbing excitement. If your African dream is to see herds of gray leather elephants, remarkably tender and playful in their family groups, a customized 4WD vehicle with refreshments kept cool on board, will carry you comfortably across the plains and bushland, affording unrestricted viewing and camera shots. Your knowledgeable AfricanMecca guide will take you straight to the action, pointing out tree-climbing leopard resting on a hot day or waiting in ambush for unsuspecting prey, or following ungulate herds on the information shared and exchanged by radio with other preferred guides. If you are fascinated by the 500 plus species of breeding and migrant birds in the swamplands, or smaller, rarer animals on the plains, in the woodlands, in deserted termite hills or rock kopjes, your best choice is a guided African walking safari, with plenty of time to move quietly and look around, once more directed by the almost intuitive awareness of your guide. He is sure to take you close to zebra and giraffe, and often the regal fringe-eared oryx which you will rarely see elsewhere. But he will also point out the intricate nests of weaver birds, epaulette bats hanging from acacia branches, garishly bright agama lizards whisking into rock shadows and mongooses playing on deserted termite mounds. When you travel in Africa, you can get no closer to the heart of Tanzania, and see it through our African eyes.

Dining At Tarangire Balloon Camp

The Tarangire Balloon Camp tariff includes a full board meal plan, based on locally sourced fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry and fish, prepared to gourmet standards in a clever mélange of European and African dishes. Early morning tea or coffee is served on your verandah, before departure for the recommended and optional early morning Tarangire balloon safari, a highlight of your Tanzania trip. You will take off close to the camp, after a short drive from Balloon Camp in game-viewing vehicles with four wheel drive, from which you can spot nocturnal animals on their way home after a night spent foraging. You will arrive at the take-off site in time to see the balloon inflated and ready to ascend into the sunrise. An hour later, a champagne breakfast will be set out for you at a beauty spot in the Tarangire wilderness. A lunchtime choice of hot or cold platters served on the main verandah will sustain you through a well-deserved siesta until afternoon tea, followed by an afternoon game drive which may end in a bush viewpoint where you can follow standard Africa tour etiquette with sundowner cocktails. A formal dinner is served in the outdoor deck or open-sided restaurant, beneath its beautiful central pendant light fitting, with fine table settings and an international range of beverages. You may prefer to have a unique dinner at a dedicated bush location, or on your own verandah. It is your tour of Tarangire. It is your choice with AfricanMecca.

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  • Jambo Raza, It was a wonderful experience in Tanzania. Thoroughly enjoyed the game drives. Rogers, our guide was superb; knowledgeable, helpful, and very friendly. Everything ran smoothly.
    Alan Winner - Minnesota, United States
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  • AfricanMecca's professionalism and care understands that what distinguishes Africa is its authenticity, the land, people and wildlife who do not share our world of fashion and fanfare that distinguish so many travel companies today.
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  • The AfricanMecca Safari experience was great. All the connections were spot on and the lodges and camps were great - 1st class. The safaris were great with the time spent in Ngorongoro totally outstanding. We just totally loved it, a great experience.
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When staying at Tarangire Balloon Camp in Tarangire, we recommend combining it with your Northern Tanzania safari to Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti (wildebeest migration). End your trip with a Swahili cultural tour and beach holiday in Zanzibar.

You may optionally extend out to offbeat parks in Southern and Western Tanzania such as Selous, Ruaha or Katavi ending with a chimpanzee trekking safari at Gombe or Mahale by the relaxing Lake Tanganyika.



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