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Mawe Ninga Camp is a self-effacing tented camp, owned, staffed and managed by Tanzanians while presenting an authentic and memorable experience of African hospitality at the heart of the Tarangire wilderness. Simple, Spartan accommodation in rustic African safari tradition allows you to enjoy the wonder of life in contact with the natural world. And what a world! Tarangire National Park, during specific dry months is one of the most densely populated wildlife parks in Africa, a lodestone for thirsty herds when Rift Valley lakes shrink in the dry season, so that, from June to October, you will see thousands of hooved and horned animals crowding the swamps and river valleys of the Tarangire, seeking the mineral and water as well as mud wallows from river beds by thousands of elephants. The camp itself is built of natural wood, stone and reed thatch covering on a kopje or granite outcropping, rising over 3,000 feet above sea-level, and distant Burungi lake, shining like a silver mirror as its shallow, highly saline waters evaporate to leave a salt pan, visited by all kinds of animals as a salt lick to supplement their diets. Mawe Ninga’s rustic simplicity appeals to those adventurous Tanzanian tourists who appreciate the visits of those furry cousins of the massive elephants, cuddly, rabbit sized, rock-dwelling hyrax, paying mischievous visits to your living quarters, playing outside your tent flap and running across your roof (read more on best times to visit Tarangire with AfricanMeca).

Accommodation At Mawe Ninga Camp

The literally highly individual tented chalets built on a wooden platform above the hillside boulders are accessed by ladders to a decking where you can sit in comfy safari chairs overlooking the treetops, gazing at the wonder of a pristine night sky, spangled with more stars than you ever imagined, and listening to the wild sounds of Africa. This is the stuff Tanzanian safari dreams are made of. 16 canvas tents with bug proof, roll-up tent flaps perched above boulder strewn slopes, protected by reed thatches and furnished simply with single or double wooden beds. There are also two very private honeymoon tents at Mawe Ninga Camp available to budget AfricanMecca lovers. At the end of each tent is a wooden washstand with a single bowl seated in it, alongside towels hanging and storage space and a stand with a pitcher of clear water from the bore-hole for hand and face wash. Shower and washing water comes in buckets and must not be drunk. Canvas wooden cubicles screen off a safari shower and an ecologically sound long drop toilet, known to old-time Colonial travelers as a “thunder box”. A small, particularly cloistered and personal camp with well-motivated, friendly and enthusiastic staff is just the place to feel alone in the bush, a place to learn a little Swahili, may be Maa too and feel that you have been touring in Africa as she used to be, and that you have been changed by the experience.

Safari At Mawe Ninga Camp

Apart from guided nature strolls around the Mawe Ninga camp grounds and cultural entertainments, the single most exciting and informative activity to be undertaken without fail on your vacation in Tanzania is a game-viewing drive in a customized safari vehicle with 4 x 4 power drive and panoramic views from a pop up roof. A skilled and experienced AfricanMecca guide, familiar with the terrain (see Tarangire map), will ensure you miss none of the wildlife action – from mating rituals to hunting sprints of lions, cheetahs and leopards to the grazing of zebras, wildebeests, buffaloes supplemented by hordes of elephants foraging and drinking by the Tarangire River. By exchanging radioed information with other equally seasoned guides, he will track and trail the sights you most want to visit. You absolutely must not miss the bizarre baobab trees, bare-headed in the dry and looking as if they have been planted upside down. These ancient sentinels do not produce annual rings and their immense trunks are often hollow, so their age is a mystery, but estimates range from a few hundred years to three thousand. Indeed, one of these trees in South Africa was carbon dated at 6,000 years old. The trees are an invaluable asset in many ways, providing water, food and shelter to indigenous people who use leaves and fruit, but protect the trees themselves as sacred entities. No Tarangire trip can be complete without climbing the kopje and seeing the endless wilderness stretching as far as the Great African Rift Valley Escarpment, and being aware of the hundreds of screeching, swooping, soaring, and chattering birds that make the air sing. The acrobatic Bateleur Eagle is one of many raptors whose shrill cry alerts you to their spectacular display, an unforgettable image, characteristic of travel in Africa.

Dining At Mawe Ninga Camp

The Mawe Ninga Camp safari experience begins with tea or coffee in the early morning, accompanied by a dawn chorus led by the haunting, evocative call of the collared Mourning Dove. Mawe Ninga is Swahili for Dove Rock. Here, sometimes you will also hear the Laughing Dove, better known in the Serengeti Park, and occasionally you may spot the sleek blue Namaqua Dove from the Ngorongoro Crater. Buffet meals are prepared from fresh local produce in a bush kitchen, offering tasty local cuisine or simple European set menus e.g. during breakfast, including toast, eggs and cereals, all served with generosity and flair. Those venturing on an AfricanMecca tour of Tarangire may pack themselves a lunch box to take on their extended trip as they track down vast herds of elephant, or marvel at the numbers of ungulates, stately kudu, doe-eyed giraffe, impala, hartebeest and gazelles crowding into lush grazing areas. In camp flora walks can be taken before a siesta, then afternoon tea on request at the bush bar where you may be offered roasted and colored seeds from the ubiquitous baobab tree, iconic image of the Northern Tarangire. The bush bar also affords a surprising range of local beers, spirits, juices, cordials and some fine African wines. From the deck of the open-sided, thatched restaurant and bar there are fantastic sunset displays to be enjoyed, cocktail in hand. As you enact the sundowner Africa vacation ritual around a traditional boma fire pit, swapping yarns with your hosts and fellow travelers, the staff are busy preparing your three-course, lantern lit dinner.

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When staying at Mawe Ninga Camp in Tarangire, we recommend combining it with your Northern Tanzania safari to Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti (wildebeest migration). End your trip with a Swahili cultural tour and beach holiday in Zanzibar.

You may optionally extend out to offbeat parks in Southern and Western Tanzania such as Selous, Ruaha or Katavi ending with a chimpanzee trekking safari at Gombe or Mahale by the relaxing Lake Tanganyika.



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