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Lemala Explorer Tarangire guarantees an authentic experience of wilderness living during your tour of Tanzania with AfricanMecca as it shifts its camp operations from the Serengeti to Tarangire National Park, to pursue the secondary Manyara-Tarangire mini-migratory corridor during the dry season from July to October, when shallow soda lakes of Lake Manyara shrink in the great African Rift Valley and supplying rivers run dry. Thousands upon thousands of Gnu, or blue wildebeest, with their heavy heads and shoulders, deep paunches and spindly legs, join vast herds of confusingly striped zebra and other ungulates, to range for water to the underground river source and permanent swamplands of the Tarangire, where 2,500 elephants roam in parades of several hundred at a time, digging waterholes in dwindling river beds. Situated in open acacia woodland in the remote, South-central corner of the Tarangire Park, Lemala Explorer offers deluxe mobile accommodation away from the major tourist trails, but in easy and accessible game-drive distance of the main areas of interest during your tour in Tarangire. Whilst you may occasionally be inconvenienced by the tsetse fly in Tarangire (avoid dark clothing and use insect repellent), or have fun balancing on unsteady pallets under bucket showers of smoke-flavored water, or be disturbed at night time by caterwauling, roaring, buzzing, tonking and rumbling wildlife, you will be in no doubt that you are on a wildlife safari in Africa.

Accommodation At Lemala Explorer Tarangire

The accommodation at Lemala Explorer Tarangire is small, intimate and special, comprising five standard tents and one family sized tent suite, all reused from the refurbished main Lemala Camp to provide somewhat affordable mobile lodgings in comfort and convenience if somewhat faded in appearance. But in-fact, for a mobile ecologically responsible camp that leaves no trace behind when it is moved, sun-bleached canvas and blanched settees blend in well with their surroundings, adding to the adventurous Lemala Explorer Tarangire safari ambience whilst losing none of their integrity (other places to stay in Tarangire). Each of the roomy tents has a wooden floor with warm rugs, twin or king-size beds, warm duvets for chilly nights and an en-suite bathroom with flush toilet, wash stand, bush shower and fire-heated hot water. A ground-sheeted, shaded patio area with low settles, stools and table is a place to relax outside each tent in the shelter of a grove of deep-rooted acacia trees. At night, all windows and doors are covered with insect-proof mesh or zipped shut. Solar panels provide 24-hour lighting. A large, central mess tent with well-furnished dining and lounge areas provides a convenient meeting point for AfricanMecca guests and place to swap Tanzania holiday yarns. Staff are unfailingly helpful and friendly, achieving minor miracles of management in the “back of beyond” and guards are alert to accompany you to and from your tents at night, as well as to act as naturalists on bush strolls in the immediate surroundings (view map of Tarangire National Park).

Safari At Lemala Explorer Tarangire

Game drives and bush walk activity in Tarangire are the best way to submerge yourself in your African holiday, although a hot air balloon flight is also a possibility, as are visits to sites of cultural and anthropological interest. Game viewing drives with your AfricanMecca expert guide are most productive in the early morning or late afternoon when you may see a tree-climbing lion waiting in ambush for their prey; giraffe nibbling the acacia trees, and even rare African wild dogs, seen recently in this area although previously announced to be not existent in the zone (best time to visit Tarangire for your African adventure). Vast herds of cloven hooved animals of all shapes and sizes are stalked by predatory cheetahs, leopard and hyenas, with jackals and vultures slinking and shuffling behind to share the prize. Family parades of hundreds of elephants saunter companionably through the long grass, guiding their youngsters, nose to tail. Hundreds of birds enliven the cool Tarangire air. From Lemala Explorer, you may need to go out all day to travel north to impressive stands of that most bizarre and least appreciated of trees, iconic of flora tour of Africa, the giant baobab, with its dry, root-like head and hollow bottle trunk dotting the plains by the hundreds, providing shade, shelter, water, food and building materials for animals, birds and humans. Despite having no annual rings to tell their age, some specimens have been carbon dated at between 3,000 years and 6,000 years old. They have seen the transit of the Bushman, the Datoga and the Maasai. Will they see you in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania?

Dining At Lemala Explorer Tarangire

Food at the camp is included in the tariff and forms an important part of the gastronomical pleasure of your adventurous vacation in Africa. A good bush chef is an incredible conjuror of delicious meals from very basic amenities. A bush oven, a charcoal grill and assorted tins and potjies can be the means of producing tasty and satisfying meals, breads, pastries, baked vegetables, pot roasts, barbecues and baked meats and fish from fresh local produce in season. Fresh salads, cheeses and fruit are also available. There is a well-stocked bush bar. Your early morning “cuppa”, a welcome and refreshing pot of aromatic Tanzanian tea or coffee, is brought to your tent at dawn, preparing you for an outdoor breakfast cooked to order. If you intend an early start for a trip into the wilds of Tarangire, you may request a packed lunch to take on your guided AfricanMecca game drive in your four-wheel-drive and 2-way radio, especially designed to make your Tanzanian safari safe and satisfying when staying at Lemala Explorer Tarangire. Lunch consists of hot and cold meat and vegetable platters and fruits and cold beverages. Afternoon tea precedes a second outing, followed by sundowners around a campfire and formal dinner with the camp manager in the dining mess with drinks of house wine are to order. Dinner can also be served privately and romantically out of doors by arrangement underneath spangled stars, a seasoned moon and surrounding lanterns.

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  • Jambo Raza, It was a wonderful experience in Tanzania. Thoroughly enjoyed the game drives. Rogers, our guide was superb; knowledgeable, helpful, and very friendly. Everything ran smoothly.
    Alan Winner - Minnesota, United States
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  • The AfricanMecca Safari experience was great. All the connections were spot on and the lodges and camps were great - 1st class. The safaris were great with the time spent in Ngorongoro totally outstanding. We just totally loved it, a great experience.
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When staying at Lemala Explorer Tarangire in Tarangire, we recommend combining it with your Northern Tanzania safari to Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti (wildebeest migration). End your trip with a Swahili cultural tour and beach holiday in Zanzibar.

You may optionally extend out to offbeat parks in Southern and Western Tanzania such as Selous, Ruaha or Katavi ending with a chimpanzee trekking safari at Gombe or Mahale by the relaxing Lake Tanganyika.



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