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Mutamaiyu House, Laikipia - Kenya Safaris & Tours

Mutamaiyu House is located on Mugie Ranch situated at the northern end of the Laikipia plateau in northern Kenya. Described by a recent visitor as "Heaven on a Hill", it is a magnificent family owned house built in a grove of ancient, twisting olive trees.

Mugie Ranch is a forty-nine thousand acre working ranch that rolls out across the Laikipia plains on the edge of the Great Rift Valley, home now to all the "Big Five" since the introduction of rhino in 2002.

Tell Me More About Mutamaiyu House in Laikipia as an
African Safari Accommodation in Kenya

On offer to visitors to Mutamaiyu House is a private, exclusive safari destination in Kenya.
Mutamaiyu is home from home to Californian vintners Nicky and Gaby Hahn and their family. In 1997, they made a dream come true when they purchased this ravishing "piece of Africa" to preserve a working ranch and invest in a wildlife haven and research initiative.
The cottages are built of local stone and furnished with king size or twin beds.

Kenya Safaris Nature Experience and Adventure Tour Activities At Mutamaiyu House in Laikipia

The view is everything, beyond what words or even photographs can describe. It stays in your mind forever: sun-streaked savannah, wild animals and birds in abundance. Laikipia is second only to the Masai Mara as a game viewing experience. A herd of elephant has made this their territorial home and over 300 buffalo roam the plains. Other regulars are lion, leopard, Grevy zebra (classified as an endangered species but abundant in this area), dik dik, impala, waterbuck, eland, oryx, hartebeest and reticulated giraffe; some of the rare sights are cheetah and wild dog.
For bird lover's, 285 species have been recorded.
Below Mutamaiyu's hilltop verandahs, a waterhole provides a kaleidoscopic view of Kenya's wildlife. Day and night, the interaction of buffalo, elephant, zebra and warthog, lion and leopard present a mesmerizing spectacle.
Day and night game drives, guided bush walks, camel and donkey safaris are all available, and guests can join in with the day to day ranching activities too, if they like.
This is a family home. The Hahn's books, art and music collection are yours to enjoy during your stay at Mutamaiyu House.
There are numerous ways you can experience the thrill of watching the wild animals in their natural environment. AfricanMecca guests can be taken around the ranch to see the different habitats and animals.
Walking is one of the most rewarding wildlife experiences you will have; allow all your senses access to impulses that although now buried deep down under our veneer of civilization, once governed our ability to survive. A walk can last an hour or a day, ending with a picnic or at a beautiful campsite. Whether you are physically fit or not Anthony, the lead guide, will tailor your walk to suit you, revel in deciphering the stories told by the tracks laid down the previous night, pause and appreciate the defense mechanisms used by the acacia trees or look into the side of a termites nest. These are some of the distractions along the trails you will follow in your quest for that heart-stopping glimpse of a feeding elephant, oblivious to your stealthy approach.
The ultimate thrill is a camel safari lasting from an afternoon to several nights. Camping in the bush accompanied by local camel herders, you can experience the life of the traditional pastoralists of the area.
Visits to an authentic Pokot traditional village.
•      Visiting the ancient burial Cairns: The age of the Cairns is estimated to be from 500 to 2000 years old and British Institute of East Africa now needs to find small shards of pottery, stone tools that could help them age the Cairns more accurately.

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